Thursday, June 5, 2008

Cleanliness is next to managerliness

Homer used an entire bottle of kid's shampoo on himself today. It was brand new. He poured it all over his head and body, then got dressed without washing much of it off. (He's very independent, and takes a shower on his own in the morning without any help, or me even telling him to.) So, I had him get back in the shower and wash it all off, and here is our conversation afterwards, with him bundled up in a towel on my lap.

Me: Did you need to use an entire bottle of shampoo to get clean?

Homer: No. I a little boy.

Me: You only need about this much shampoo. (I show him a dime-size amount between my fingers)

Homer: I just a baby.

Me: That was naughty. You wasted a whole bottle of shampoo.

Homer: I not grounded. I just a baby.

Me: (pause) But babies go in time out.

Homer: (Silence, then...) I smell good.

He does smell good. Like coconut.

Here he is doing his time:

I get the feeling it was all worth it to him. He likes to smell good.

*BTW, if you didn't get my Sponge Bob referenece in the title, seriously, watch more TV.


Cristin said...

That's one of my most favorite lines from Sponge Bob!

I don't know how you expect anyone resist using a whole bottle when it smells like coconut.

Sam, Shel & Co said...

I'm with Cristin on the coconut thing....mmmm! Not much smells better than clean baby, anyway.

Katie or Tom said...

We waste shampoo on a regular basis here. I am too cheap to buy something with a coconut scent. We can only afford the local scents.

abutler said...

I can't tell you how many times my kids have done that. Bummer! It is better then an entire bottle of dog shampoo...yup.