Wednesday, June 18, 2008

And The Winner Is...

Smart Remarks

Book for June/July is...

The Blue Castle
by LM Montgomery

This won after getting 2 votes. I guess we had too many books to choose from; maybe next time I'll limit the nomination to three books. A few people turned their backs on democracy and didn't vote at all. Way to go.

You can order it here on amazon, or you can try to find it in a bookstore. It's still in print, but I have a feeling it might be hard to find in a bookstore. They have used books starting at $0.99, or you can buy it new for $5.99. IF YOU BY IT USED AT AMAZON: First, make sure the seller has a high rating, and that their rating is based on a high number of reviews (a rating of %100 doesn't mean much if that score is only based on two ratings). Second, make sure the seller isn't inflating the cost of shipping (like, $0.99 + $10.00 for shipping).

Giving everyone a few extra days to get the book, we'll read from June 20th to July 20th.
(The book is an easy read and only 224 pages long so you won't need all that time.)

Don't let this cheesy cover fool you:

The Blue Castle was first published in 1926, has gone through over 75 printings, and it's still in print today (not a small feat for a book that was virtually ignored when it was first published). It was the first novel LM Montgomery (author of the Anne of Green Gables series) wrote for an adult audience. It has been made into a popular play in Canada (Montgomery was a Canadian writer) and in Poland. It has a 5 star rating from customers on Amazon, out of 124 reviews. It also has a relatively high sales rank on Amazon.

Ironically, there is some controversy surrounding this book and Colleen McCullough's The Ladies of Missalonghi (which is one of my favorite books and a competing book club choice this month). The Blue Castle was written long before The Ladies of Missalonghi, and they are very similar. Plagiarism? Scandalous!

Happy Reading!

*Anyone who wants to join us but hasn't yet said so, please do!


Amy Thurston said...

I am glad you went ahead and made the decision, I was having a hard time deciding.

sarastrasser said...

I ordered my book today. It was ten bucks. It better be good!!!!!!

ajesplin said...

I didn't "make a decision" on the book, it was voted on. It got two votes. I actually wanted to vote for a different book to read first, but then it would have been a tie between the two and I was anxious to get started. So I gave Sweet Valley High my vote. No tie.

But I have a good feeling about The Blue Castle. I'm excited to read it.

Katie or Tom said...

I hope Sara didn't take the last copy...really.

Katie or Tom said...

So this book club is only for girls? May I suggest something a little less "vagina" for your next book, then maybe I'll join. TIT

Amanda said...

Ok. I'll get right on that after I finish my enormous "to-do" list.

Cristin said...

YAY my vote won! I'm just patiently waiting for someone in Washington to ship it to me...(insert taping foot).