Friday, June 20, 2008

10 Years Ago Today...

...My oldest son was born. He had a funny name, but much funnier names were to come, all of which would overshadow his.

Cordel "Cord" Anthony Esplin
June 20, 1998

Here's a little (sorta long) trip down memory lane...

He was named after my beloved grandparents (Louise and Ted Cordil), as well as my brother (Thomas Cordil Morgan), but I changed the "i" to an "e" so people would pronounce it correctly. To this day, I don't know if that was the right decision. He's always been known by his nickname "Cord" anyway, but I was young when I had him, and self concious about what people would think. Someone actually laughed out loud when they learned I was naming my unborn baby "Cor-dill" (mispronounced), and that's when I decided to change the "i" to an "e". As you all know, I've since gotten over the "what will people think" when it comes to choosing my children's names.

He was born with very straight, duck-like, white-blonde hair. I have this picture for evidence. (He's less than a week old here--he still had his yucky belly button meat in this picture but I cropped it out.)

He looked liked a wise old man/elf.

He was 5lbs. 13oz. at birth for no apparent reason, a runt, the smallest of the 20 Morgan grandchildren, and he has stayed relatively small to this day. To put his size in perspective for all you mothers out there, at his 1 year doctor's appointment, he weighted 14lbs.

He started "talking" at a very young age, though most people couldn't understand him because he never took that binki out of his mouth. He would sort-of dangle it from his lip like a cigarette and talk around it. He was famous for this really cool binki trick--he would twirl it around in his mouth at lightening speed with no hands. The Nish kids would always chant "turn your bink, turn your bink, turn your bink!" and he'd play it real cool, then all the sudden, he'd flip it so fast and everyone would cheer. I remember being at the grocery store and the checker lady was talking to him, giving him attention, and he just stared back at her real cool-like, then all the sudden, he turned his bink for her super fast, three times in a row, and she was like, "Wow!" Yeah he was cool with that bink.

Cord's favorite desert is doughnuts, but his favorite foods are vegetables, especially broccoli, asparagus, tomatoes, and onions. When he was little, he called onions "circles" and would ask for a plate of them and a plate of sliced tomatoes whenever we went out to eat.

No child has ever made me laugh the way Cord makes me laugh, though he's not an attention seeker or a show off. From a very young age, he has been in love with movies, and he learned most of his vocabulary from watching movies. Here's a story that really sums up Cord's personality: When Cord was about three, he came with me to take Gus to the pediatrician. It was very quiet in the examination room as the doctor checked Gus's little heart beat, but a very faint baby cry could be heard from the waiting room. Cord sat up straight and said, "Did you hear that?" The doctor said, "No, I didn't hear anything." and Cord said, "If you listen with your heart, you will find what you seek." That was a direct quote from Pocahontas, and that's pretty much how he communicated: In movie quotes.

He also loved to swim and play video/computer games at a very young age. This is him asleep at the computer with a piece of toast.

Cord is an excellent big brother. He's very close with his brother Gus, and I can't even express how happy their relationship makes me. They love playing together and are never bored. A good example of this is, last night I told Cord he could invite his best friend over for a sleep over since today was his birthday, but his friend wasn't able to. I told him he could invite another friend, and he said, "Nah, I have Gus."

Every teacher Cord has ever had, has loved him. He's a smart kid and wants to follow the rules. He makes life easy for Anthony and I.
Cord makes a big impression on people. People remember him.

Cord went away to a few overnight camps for his GATE class this last year, and our house was so quiet. It made us realize how much he changes the dynamics of our family. We wouldn't be the same without him.

Here he is today with his birthday gifts. (That paper says we pre-ordered Rock Band on Wii for him--it comes out on the 22nd)


(Yeah, and I'm pretty sure I don't need to mention how extremely handsome Cord is. It's self evident from those pictures.)


Emily said...

Happy Birthday Cord!! You are one handsome boy. Hope your day was great!

Amanda said...

I had completely forgotten Cord had the same birthday as Eden. Happy Birthday Cord!

Katie or Tom said...

Happy Birthday Cord! I got a chance to get to know him a little bit when he was staying with me. He was very thoughtful and helpful. When we were all driving to the pool, we had to take two cars. All the kids jumped at the chance to ride in Tom's car, but Cord chose to stay with me and the babies. I think he didn't want me to feel bad that no one wanted to ride with me. Thanks. I hope you got him everything he wants. He deserves it.

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michelle said...


I really enjoyed looking through all your were such a cute little elf...:) You turned out pretty spectacular!!!!

abutler said...

That's babysitting age...right?

Mary said...

Loved your tribute to our handsome grandson. He really was an adorable baby!