Thursday, May 29, 2008

Preconceived Notions about Drug Dealers

Here’s a typical conversation I have with people when they learn that Anthony is a pharmacist:

Person: “He’s a pharmacist? I’ve thought about being a pharmacist before. Where does he work?

Me: "CVS."

Person: "Oh, are they hiring?”

Me: (pause) “Well, generally speaking, pharmacists are in demand.”

Person: “Really? I should get an application. Do you think he could get me on at CVS?”

Me: “You have to earn a specific degree, like, in college, in order to be a pharmacist…”

Person: (looking all confused) “Just to count pills?”

Me: (trying not to sound offended) “He could kill you, ya know.”

Ah, the humble pharmacist. Much is expected of them, yet they expect nothing in return (besides a bunch of money). Do you know how many times they have NOT killed you or your loved ones? Every time you haven’t died after taking a prescription drug—that’s how many times.


Katie or Tom said...

Hey, do you think Anthony could get me on at CVS? I haven't killed anyone, well, it has been over eleven years now.

Amy Thurston said...

What? Katie wants to get it on with Anthony at CVS? If this is the way the blogs are going to go, count me out.

Amanda said...

I would find that pretty funny if people kept having that conversation with me.

Erin Beck said...

I love pills and I have a great appreciation for them. Also I have killed alot of people. Should I put that all in my resume?

Markie23 said...

I would have thought that the first question everyone would ask would be "Could he get me some oxycodone or medical marijuana?".
So, uh... can he? It's not for me of course.

Cristin said...

Well I love pills, they help LM be more likable.

So, I take it that he really can't get me on at CVS?

sarastrasser said...

I totally know what you mean. Morgan's job as a bum...I mean Realtor is super important too. People think they can do it also but it takes TWO WEEKS of training AND a test at the end. Some people!