Saturday, April 12, 2008

Wanted: Ants

We have three of Tom and Katie's kids staying with us this weekend (Hazel, Thomas, and Violet) while they enjoy a much-needed vacation. We wanted some fun/cheap entertainment to do with the kids, so we took them to the Lowe's "Build and Grow" kid's workshop. We take our kids to the Home Depot kid's workshop occasionally, but we had never been to the Lowe's one before. They do their kid's workshop twice a month (second and forth Saturday). The project was a little more challenging than the Home Depot one, but the kids had fun. And best of all... IT'S FREE! You can't beat that.

They made Ant Farms this week:

They gave the kids their own work aprons, just like the Home Depot workshop. Unlike the Home Depot workshop, they gave them each a pair of safety goggles and made the parents sign a "can't sue us if your kid dies" wavier. Paranoid. Anyway, they all survived.

When the kid's complete their project, they give them a badge to sew on their apron--really cute. Some kids at the workshop had their aprons covered in badges. Gus and Hazel were impressed and can't wait to get more.

The Home Depot has their workshop once a month (first Saturday) and gives the kids a pin when they complete the project. The badges are cuter, but you don't have to sew the pins on so I guess some parents would prefer the pins. I sewed everyone's badges on right when we got home--kind of a pain.

I recommend both workshops, but the Home Depot projects are probably better for 2-4 year-olds because they use sturdier wood and bigger pieces. The Lowe's projects have smaller pieces that are kind-of hard for really little kids. Hazel and Gus (both 6 years-old) did it almost entirely on their own. Thomas (4 years-old) needed a little help. Violet and Homer (3 and 2.5 years-old) needed a lot of help. BUT, at the Home Depot workshop last week, Homer hammered his planter box together by himself--I just held the wood. Not bad for a 2.5 year-old.

Oh, I kind-of did a review. Your welcome.

By the way, the reason Cord wasn't with us is because he's at Scout Day Camp all day today.


Amanda said...

You really sewed all those badges? I am beyond impressed. Very nice and informative review. Thanks.

Cristin said...

I'm impressed with your sewing badges too. Jackson has been in scouts for 3 years and I haven't sewn a single badge on. Looks like fun though, I'll have to give it a try....the Lowes workshop thing..not the sewing badges.

PS We have PLENTY of ants, they make a nice trail into our kitchen every year. I'm sure I could catch an ant army, enough for all of the kids. :)

Emily said...

How fun! I didn't know Lowes did a kids workshop. Thanks for the very informative review!

Amy Thurston said...

We don't need no stinkin' badges!

Katie or Tom said...

The kids have been looking all over for their badges. They're on their aprons...

Katie or Tom said...

We also have set out a lot of food on the ground to catch us some ants.