Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Not that this is an excuse or anything, but I've been having problems with my monitor and that's exactly the reason why I haven't been updating my blog.

21st Century computer monitor that doesn't work:

My monitor is barely over a year old. It was a lemon when we bought it--we had to constantly unplug then plug it back in to get the screen to come on. Well, now it's completely dead. I ran all over town in a panic, trying to find a place to fix it, trying to return it to Cost-co (which is where I bought it), and finally contacting the manufacturer to see if it's still under warranty. What a shock to learn that it IS still under warranty--it really was a lemon. That has never happened to me! Usually it breaks a few days after the warranty expires. They are sending me a brand spankin' new one (in 15-20 business days)!

In the mean time, I had to steal the kids' computer monitor, and they are hanging out in my office, whining to use the computer. "Kids! I have important mom stuff to do! Go play with your blocks."
20th Century computer monitor that works (despite being sticky):

I've been getting some really random stuff done since I haven't been able to access my computer, and I had this creepy feeling that I was supposed to get all this stuff done and that's why my monitor broke.

Giant Shoe exhibit I was destined to visit:


Katie or Tom said...

I am so glad to hear your monitor is still under warranty! The kids monitor will not do my fantastic blog justice. Also...giant shoe museum was on your to do list? Only you.

Memzy said...

Isn't that museum on EVERYONE's to-do list? That and the largest yarn ball on earth. Fer sooper duh.

abutler said...

I hate computer problems, they stifle me and then make me realize everything I have been neglecting.

Mary said...

I'm so glad that you were able to find the time to visit the shoe museum. Home seemed to be enjoying it. Congrats on getting some use out of a warranty, too!

Amy Thurston said...

You have made your lemons into a delicous, refreshing glass of lemonade.