Tuesday, March 25, 2008

No Place Like Home

Well, we're back. Our vacation had its highs and lows and lower lows and lowest lows of our life. Here's a few things we learned:
  • 2-year-olds don't want to just kick-back-and-relax
  • Even a ginormous cruise ship can catch air if the waves are big enough, and roll about 45 degrees sideways without actually tipping over
  • Anthony, with the immune system of a robot, is not immune to seasickness (after 24 hours of violent rocking)
  • The Residence Inn is the best hotel on Earth
  • Knott's Berry Farm is 344% cheaper than Disneyland
  • Disneyland is the happiest place on Earth
  • Dwight (AKA Uncle Fun) is the best uncle on Earth (sorry to all the other uncles, but he earned it)
  • I'm allergic to Amy's fabric softener
Here's what we did for Spring Break:

We took a Carnival cruise (The Elation) to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and I can't say I recommend it. I could write for days about all the problems with the cruise ship/port (the worst part was the horrible food aboard the ship!), but I'll just keep it simple and say choose the Royal Caribbean cruise line if you have the option. The highlight of the cruise was when Cord entered a dance contest and won! It was pretty funny--he has no shame. He was so excited about the little trophy he got.

Here's our cruise pictures, if you're interested:


We decided to try to redeem our vacation after we got off the ship. We stayed an extra night in San Diego at the wonderful and amazingly priced Residence Inn, we took a homeless man out to lunch and gave him our left-over Krispy Cream donuts, and we took the kids to Knott's Berry Farm. All I will say about Knott's Berry Farm is that the kids absolutely loved it, and we got exactly what we paid for (and it was cheap).

Here's our San Diego pictures, if you're interested:


When we got home from California (12:30 AM Wednesday) we had a mountain of newspapers on our driveway, and all of the smoke detectors in our house were going off. Our house wasn't on fire, and there wasn't any smoke, but I was stilled creeped out by it. I called Tom, since he's an alarm expert, to see if he would know why our smoke alarms were going off, and our conversation went something like this:

Me: Tom, we just got home and all of our smoke detectors are going off, but our house isn't on fire and there's no smoke. Is there some other reason they would be going off?

Tom: eh, I don't think I put smoke detectors in your house.

Me: I know you didn't. They came with our house. Every house has smoke detectors. But do you know why they would be going off?

Tom: Smoke detectors go off if your house is on fire.

Me: I know. But our house isn't on fire and there is no smoke. Is there some other reasons they would be going off? Can they detect carbon monoxide also or something like that?

Tom: I'm pretty sure I didn't put smoke detectors in your house.

Me: I KNOW! Everybody has smoke detectors. It's the law. Can't you hear them going off?

Tom: Yeah.

Me: My house isn't on fire, is there some other reason why my smoke detectors would go off?

Tom: Yeah. Smoke detectors go off if they detect smoke.

Me: I KNOW! But there is no smoke, our house is not on fire, and every single fire alarm in our house is going off.

Tom: (pause) I'm pretty sure I didn't put smoke detectors in your house.

(the conversation went on like this for 15-20 minutes--very annoying.)

Tom called me back the next day and said, "I was thinking about it, and I'm sure I didn't put smoke detectors in your house. Ask Katie."

Thursday morning, the boys and I got up early to drive up to Idaho. Anthony had to work and couldn't come, so Erin and her girls decided to squeeze in with us. We packed very light in order to fit... at least I did. Ahem. Anyways, the older kids looked super cramped but they never complained. Amy's an excellent hostess, and her home is very comfortable and humongous. (Thanks Amy!) If you haven't stayed with the Thurstons yet, I highly recommend it. The kids had so much fun--thanks very much to Dwight. He entertained the kids all weekend. He took them ALL (8 kids) swimming at the YMCA, then he took them out to eat! He also took them all on a walk to the Maverick gas station--which was "so awesome!" according to Gus. To top it all off, he took the older kids snowboarding on the last night. Cord had so much fun and considers himself a "snowboarder" now. He can't wait to conqueror Mt. Charleston. Thanks again, Dwight!

We also had a fun game night with our Bailey cousins. Shout out to Heather who showed up an hour or two before everyone else (she was on time). We laughed pretty hard playing "Liebrary." It was fun. On Saturday we had a nice visit with our cousin Amanda, and then we went out. Fun, fun. But gross food.

On Easter, I broke out in hives all over my body. It wasn't pretty but at least my face was spared. I have no idea what caused it (my best guess is fabric softener), but it didn't completely go away until that evening. We had a delicious brunch (Dwight rules!) and a quick Easter egg hunt before heading back to Las Vegas. (I'll post my Easter pictures in another post--this is getting long). It's good to be home. I don't even mind that I came home to a crap load of stuff to do.

By the way, Sara fixed my Mexican-red hair, bleaching it out and cutting a few inches off. Notice my old hair color in our cruise pictures, verses my hair color in this picture:


sarastrasser said...

Morgan is pretty mad about this whole uncle fun business.

Amy Thurston said...

Morgan can try to earn his title back with my kids. They still have another 5 days off! Thanks for coming up Jenny!

Emily said...

Glad you made it home safe and that your trip was (mostly) fun! Who knew about Knott's Berry Farm? We'll have to try going there sometime. So, would you say there is plenty to do for even little kids? Love your hair. Good job Sara!

Cristin said...

Bummer about your cruise. I'm going to have to give the Thurston Hotel a try.
I'm now starting to feel guilty that everyone is taking there kids to Disneyland and Knotts Berry Farm and I have no plans to do the same for my kids. I think I'm officially a very unfun mom.

Katie or Tom said...

I am so glad you are back. We all missed you in our blogging circle. I can't wait to see your Easter pictures. Yup-nothing funny about this comment.

abutler said...

Sorry we missed youin Boise. Thanks for the tip on cruise lines. Just in case some day I come up with this crazy idea to take my 5 kids on a cruise...whatever! Glad you had a good time at Amy's. She's the best.

Mary said...

We sure did enjoy your visit, but it was much too short. Loved your pictures and commentary on your vacation!

Markie23 said...

So glad to have you back blogging again. We missed you!