Monday, March 10, 2008

Family Home Video Day: Almost Famous

Some of you might have noticed that I forgot to make a FHVD post last Monday. Then again, nobody mentioned it, so maybe nobody noticed. Either way, I was disappointed in myself for forgetting and decided to punish myself (much like Silas the albino from The Da Vinci Code) and so I'm posting a less-than-flattering home video of myself. This was difficult to find, as I was generally a super cute kid and continue to be cute to this day. Anyway, this is me making a dramatic Snapple Commercial, which I fully intended to submit to the company and, subsequently, become famous. Sara's brilliant idea is depicted at the end.



abutler said...

Do you still have that hair scrunchi...can I borrow it?

sarastrasser said...

I remember making those snapple commercials. If memory serves me correctly, we made more than one and we also used to say very obnoxiously, "Hi from Snapple!"
You need to find the groovin video that we made after we watched that Mariah Carey movie, Glitter. Do you remember?? We reenacted the ending scene. That one is funnier because we were both already married with kids and we were still making stupid videos.

Cristin said...

I can NOT believe Snapple didn't snatch up that video and air it. You would have been a Super Star by now.....bummer

Emily said...

Where were the talent scouts??!!! That could have taken you places!

Ps. I DID notice you forgot the FHV last week. It totally threw off my whole week! Thanks.

Katie or Tom said...

Unflattering?!?! This was beautiful. The story was compelling. A killer bee? Wow, I don't know why Snapple wouldn't want to be associated with killer bees or you. I feel like I need an empty Snapple bottle like I need a fire extinguisher.