Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Vampire Weekend

So I was thinking about Edward Cullen the other day while shopping around on iTunes, and I typed in the word “vampire.” A group called Vampire Weekend came up, and though the name of the group made absolutely no sense to me, their music did. I decided I should bring them to your attention. My only problem is that they don’t offer edited versions of their songs, and one of my favorite songs has a naughty word in it, though the lyrics are not explicit. Ah well.

On Sunday, I made a star appearance at Tom & Katie’s depressing Super Bowl Chocolate Cake get-together (only because Mark, Cherie, Dan, and Laurie were there, as I hate… no, DESPISE football). I managed to filter out the football noises by focusing on the chocolate cake and the fine company. Tom made millions of turkey breasts (I guess he thought he was more popular than he actually is), and he insisted that he had marinated them for 24 hours (“Ask Katie. Katie! Did I, or did I not marinate these turkeys for 24 hours?”). He even went so far as to inject each turkey breast with the marinade, using a syringe he got "from the drug dealer across the street.” I give him an "A+" for effort, and Katie's chocolate cake was no joke--that gets an "A++".

The company was top notch (did I mention I was there?), and the conversation couldn’t have been better (“Our neighbors are having an affair. We watched them kiss one night, from our office window with the lights turned out. Ask Katie. Katie! Are the neighbor's having an affair?”). In a lull in conversation (which occurred in regular seven-minute intervals), Mark confided something to me and made me swear I would NEVER tell, with penalty of giving up my firstborn child: He and Cherie eloped over the weekend (in the eternal sense)! Shh. Don’t tell! If he says anything about it to you, pretend like you’re hearing it for the first time. Anyway, I’m very happy for him and Cherie--those two crazy kids.

I don't know who won the "basketball" game (as Erin later asked over the phone). All I know is Anthony's "sure thing" bet didn't pan out. Next to visiting with my aunts and uncles, the highlight of the evening was when I made Katie listen to a few Vampire Weekend songs (see the first paragraph that you skipped) on my iPod, and she really let loose with the groovy dancing. Unfortunately, I didn't bring a camera so I wasn't able to catch it all on tape. But Katie very graciously agreed to film herself doing the "shoulder thrust" (my favorite dance move of hers), and email it to me so I could post on my blog and share it with all of you.


If that doesn't convince you that we had a good time, I don't know what would. Nothing makes my day like a good hardy laugh. Hardy har har. (By the way, it's not Katie's fault she's off beat--she did that without music, acapella I think they call it, and I added the music from my computer. If she would have had music to dance to, she would have nailed that shoulder thrust! Did you guys know Katie's double jointed?)


Katie or Tom said...

I thought i would be all embarrased by that video, but somehow watching it on a loop really adds somethng. I am available for parties. If anyone is interested. Oh, so did you ever find out who won the match?

Memzy said...

That move is RAD.

And thanks so much for your input on the floors. I really do appreciate it. Yer like, a wealth of knowledge and humor.

sarastrasser said...

Katie is going to need a massage after all that THRUSTING. I like how happy she was while dancing and I think I will use her for my next party.

Amber Waite said...

Katie's got some mad skilz!

Emily said...

My shoulders hurt after watching that video. Very impressive and weird at the same time!

Vegas Family said...

Very impressive shoulder thrust, Katie. You got moves!

Amy Thurston said...

Katie dances like Elaine from Sienfeld, who dances better than me. I love it when Tom tries to get quick proof of the truthfullness of his lies from Katie.
Congrats on the eloping Mark and Cherie!

abutler said...

I'm going to teach that move to my deacon before he becomes a teacher and can go to those stake dances.