Monday, February 11, 2008

Is It Time to Potty-Train Homer?

Edit: Forgot to mention, Homer is 2 1/2 years old.

First, he has been peeing and/or pooping on the toilet, at least once a day, for about a year. (In my defense, I attempted to potty-train him when he first started exhibiting this behavior, but he was having too many accidents, so I figured he wasn’t quite ready to take the plunge.)

Second, he insists on wearing underwear over his Pull-ups. But sometimes, he’ll only put underwear on, and then casually walk passed me until I say “Homer…” in a warning tone of voice, and then he’ll run into his room and put a Pull-up on underneath.

Third, um, yeah, he changes own Pull-up.

Fourth, today, I heard him running to his bedroom, heard the familiar sound of him lifting the lid to the wooden chest where I keep his Pull-ups, heard the lid slam, and then he called out, “Mommy, we’re all out of diapers! We need to go by-by and get some diapers!” I felt a flash of annoyance that he didn’t warn me when he was down to two or three.

OK. OK. He’s ready. I’ll start the training tomorrow.

(He also gets himself dressed)



sarastrasser said...

If he is changing his own diaper then there is no need to potty train. Also I think he should get a week in the closet for not giving you more notice on the diapers.

Emily said...

That's a tough one. If it were me, I would stick with diapers as long as possible. If he is changing his own diapers already, I would think he would just go ahead and potty train himself too. It's always easier to change a diaper than clean poop off of the floor.

Amy Thurston said...

Howie is in underwear, and every time he has to go to the bathroom, he asks me to put a diaper on him. It is pretty tramatic for those little guys to have to sit on a big hole, hovering over water.

Vegas Family said...

That is such a cute photo of Homer.
Good luck!

Memzy said...

potty training is the opposite of RAD. i despise it. So, my answer is ,"how'd you teach your kid to change their own diaper?" I wish i'd have known how back when my kids were in them. Too late now. You should write a book or something.

ps. what kind of turtle do you have?

Katie or Tom said...

I have 3 of my kids potty trained, but i still get skid marks all over the seat. Maybe they needed some time changing their own diapers so they could learn to properly wipe

Cristin said...

Sigh...I wish my 2yo would decide to go potty on the toilet, Bub has severe anxiety of being commando or wearing undies. Good luck!

abutler said...

LOVE that picture of Homer. I have been done with diapers for about a year 1/2 now and I feel alive.

Mary said...

Homer, you cutie, let your mom know when you're about out of diapers! I think you should just keep him in diapers so he can still be your baby, especially since he takes care of everything but the purchasing!