Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Anthony!


It's my husband/BFF's birthday today! I just got home from a surprise party that his very thoughtful techs threw for him at work. I have never seen a pizza that big in my entire life! He's lucky to work with such nice people, and, lets face it, Anthony's a pretty nice guy too. We're also going out tonight--without our crazy kids--and I'm looking forward to it.
One thing I have to say about Anthony is that he's so easy to please and very gracious--which makes his birthday a pleasure to celebrate. I admire many of his personality traits and I'm hoping he'll start to rub off on me soon. Plus, he's really cute (watch video for proof--he LOVES Bjork).

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


This is what happens when I don't fold the laundry and put it away right when it comes out of the dryer. The boys eventually start playing with it.

Here's Homer wearing one of Anthony's shirts and Cord wearing a pair of size 2 overalls (as in 2-year-old, and he's almost 10 and these don't look nearly as small as they should look on him)

Homer, pulling on another shirt of Anthony's (his head is going through the arm hole):

Gus is wearing Anthony's shirt, with Homer's shirt pulled over the top, and a tiny pair of swim shorts he dug out of Homer's closet.

On another note, my super cool sister-in-law, Michelle, finally started posting stuff on her blog! She's "Mich" on my I'm Popular list. Several of you know and love her and are jealous of me because she's my sister-in-law and not yours, so go check out her blog and encourage her to keep it up!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

"They call me Shocky."

I thought Homer would have learned his lesson by now.

In fact, the first time Homer stuck a key into an outlet and electrocuted himself, I was sure he would never do it again. But then he did it again. I thought, OK he didn’t get it the first time, but now, for sure, he’ll never do that again. Well, he did it a third time. After that, I was POSITIVE he’d never stick another key into an outlet. Then yesterday, I heard his distinct “I’m in pain” cry. I ran upstairs and found him sitting by an outlet, cradling his injured hand, a key jammed into one of the holes.

Why in the world would he continue to stick keys in the outlets after being electrocuted four times? But then I realized I should be asking: why in the world would I leave all my outlets uncovered after my two-year-old electrocuted himself four times? Haven’t I learned MY lesson? So, I dug around in my junk drawer and found most of my plastic outlet covers, and then I crawled around the house, covering all the outlets. A few outlets into it, Homer came to me with a handful of plastic outlet covers that he had easily pried off. Now what?

In the mean time, Homer’s new nickname has become "Shocky," like the little rat from the movie "Flushed Away" who likes to play with electricity (see video below).


Monday, February 18, 2008

Family Home Video Day: Umm Whatcha Say...


All About the Boys

On Friday, I got my schoolwork done early and surprised Cord and Gus by picking them up early from school for an evening out with yours truly, the coolest mom in America. I had just finished telling the school secretary that I was taking the boys to the dentist, when Gus burst into the office shouting, “We’re going to the movies!” He caught me off guard (since he guessed correctly), and I completely froze up. There goes my responsible-mother image, but the boys were giddy with excitement so it was worth it.

We saw The Spiderwick Chronicles, and, as most kids were still in school, we had the theater almost completely to ourselves. We got huge Slurpees and I brought along a big bag of Valentines’ Day candy. The movie (which is based on all five books in the series) pleasantly surprised me. It was fast paced and exciting. I am convinced it’s better than the book series, but to be fair, I only read the first book—I wasn’t impressed enough to buy the subsequent books but maybe I’ll give them another shot.

To top it all off, when we got home we had breakfast for dinner. That's when I was officially declared the coolest mom in America, and I humbly accepted the title. Anthony is determined to beat me, and thinks he's going to let the boys ditch school next Friday to go fishing with him, and then he's going to give them ice cream for dinner. What should I do?

Monday, February 11, 2008

Family Home Video Day: Musical Thespians

Note: It's hard to tell in this video, but the masks used in this performance have a single teardrop on one half and a smile on the other half, representing the two sides of theater (comedy and tragedy).


I chose this impromptu encore performance (rather than the original), because it received more critical praise. Some of you may disagree with my decision, and to you, I'll just say it was a hard decision but it had to be made. Check out this old post from Becky's blog if you just can't get enough of this crap.

Is It Time to Potty-Train Homer?

Edit: Forgot to mention, Homer is 2 1/2 years old.

First, he has been peeing and/or pooping on the toilet, at least once a day, for about a year. (In my defense, I attempted to potty-train him when he first started exhibiting this behavior, but he was having too many accidents, so I figured he wasn’t quite ready to take the plunge.)

Second, he insists on wearing underwear over his Pull-ups. But sometimes, he’ll only put underwear on, and then casually walk passed me until I say “Homer…” in a warning tone of voice, and then he’ll run into his room and put a Pull-up on underneath.

Third, um, yeah, he changes own Pull-up.

Fourth, today, I heard him running to his bedroom, heard the familiar sound of him lifting the lid to the wooden chest where I keep his Pull-ups, heard the lid slam, and then he called out, “Mommy, we’re all out of diapers! We need to go by-by and get some diapers!” I felt a flash of annoyance that he didn’t warn me when he was down to two or three.

OK. OK. He’s ready. I’ll start the training tomorrow.

(He also gets himself dressed)


Saturday, February 9, 2008

Talent Scouts, Check This Out...

Here's what you've been waiting for: the Bilbray Elementary school talent show performance of Cord, Maddie, Gus, and Frances.

So you understand how important this talent show is, 250 kids tried out and only 29 acts made it. They announced at the beginning that a top talent agent was in the audience scouting for raw talent. But that's not all! A contestant from American Idol, season four (Carrie Underwood's season), was in the audience and would be performing for us! Don't worry, I caught it all on tape.

First, here's Erin's thoughts before the performances began (see that sliver of bright green sleeve in the background to the right? That's the guy form American Idol, only we didn't know it yet):


They performed close to the beginning (soon after they had announced that a talent scout was in the audience) and as I watched our kids jump sporadically around the stage (except for Gus--the poor little guy looked very awkward and uncomfortable) I could not stop laughing. That's why the video is so shaky. Sorry about that. I tried very hard to stop and hold the camera still, but I was unsuccessful. Plus my arms were weak from not eating, and towards the end the camera felt like it weighed 25 pounds.


Frances looked so cute, trying to keep her hood up. BTW, Gus was supposed to be Dave Savile, the Chipmunk's manager/father figure (they forgot to give him his microphone at the beginning). When I played this back for Cord and Gus, Cord said, "Man, we should have told Gus to give it more feeling!"

Now the moment you've really been waiting for... Desmond from American Idol season four. See if you recognize him. It's a four minute performance, so if you don't want to watch the whole thing, move it forward to about 2:49 when the audience tries to clap along and can't seem to find the beat. Also, at the end they announce who would have to follow up that act (a Kindergartener). That's my favorite part. It's probably a very poignant moment in Desmond's career as a singer, hearing that a five-year-old will be out next to perform a magic trick.


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Vampire Weekend

So I was thinking about Edward Cullen the other day while shopping around on iTunes, and I typed in the word “vampire.” A group called Vampire Weekend came up, and though the name of the group made absolutely no sense to me, their music did. I decided I should bring them to your attention. My only problem is that they don’t offer edited versions of their songs, and one of my favorite songs has a naughty word in it, though the lyrics are not explicit. Ah well.

On Sunday, I made a star appearance at Tom & Katie’s depressing Super Bowl Chocolate Cake get-together (only because Mark, Cherie, Dan, and Laurie were there, as I hate… no, DESPISE football). I managed to filter out the football noises by focusing on the chocolate cake and the fine company. Tom made millions of turkey breasts (I guess he thought he was more popular than he actually is), and he insisted that he had marinated them for 24 hours (“Ask Katie. Katie! Did I, or did I not marinate these turkeys for 24 hours?”). He even went so far as to inject each turkey breast with the marinade, using a syringe he got "from the drug dealer across the street.” I give him an "A+" for effort, and Katie's chocolate cake was no joke--that gets an "A++".

The company was top notch (did I mention I was there?), and the conversation couldn’t have been better (“Our neighbors are having an affair. We watched them kiss one night, from our office window with the lights turned out. Ask Katie. Katie! Are the neighbor's having an affair?”). In a lull in conversation (which occurred in regular seven-minute intervals), Mark confided something to me and made me swear I would NEVER tell, with penalty of giving up my firstborn child: He and Cherie eloped over the weekend (in the eternal sense)! Shh. Don’t tell! If he says anything about it to you, pretend like you’re hearing it for the first time. Anyway, I’m very happy for him and Cherie--those two crazy kids.

I don't know who won the "basketball" game (as Erin later asked over the phone). All I know is Anthony's "sure thing" bet didn't pan out. Next to visiting with my aunts and uncles, the highlight of the evening was when I made Katie listen to a few Vampire Weekend songs (see the first paragraph that you skipped) on my iPod, and she really let loose with the groovy dancing. Unfortunately, I didn't bring a camera so I wasn't able to catch it all on tape. But Katie very graciously agreed to film herself doing the "shoulder thrust" (my favorite dance move of hers), and email it to me so I could post on my blog and share it with all of you.


If that doesn't convince you that we had a good time, I don't know what would. Nothing makes my day like a good hardy laugh. Hardy har har. (By the way, it's not Katie's fault she's off beat--she did that without music, acapella I think they call it, and I added the music from my computer. If she would have had music to dance to, she would have nailed that shoulder thrust! Did you guys know Katie's double jointed?)

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I've become a recluse...

I wasn't always like this. I've actually only become a recluse in the last few years. I woke up one day and realized that a good day for me is one where I’ve managed to NOT leave my house. I've gotten better and better at not going anywhere. Last year, I only put about 5,000 miles on my car. Generally speaking, I’m not a social person, but I can do a fine job of faking it if I have to. I just LIKE to stay home, and I realized how often I leave my house only to please other people. But my New Years resolution was to stop trying to please everyone, because it's impossible and it leads to resentment since rarely does someone return the favor. As a result, I’ve barely left my house this year. January was a fairly successful month, as far as staying home goes. I am painfully aware of every time I was forced to go somewhere I didn't want to, because each time, it caused me pain. Can I keep going on like this? Or will I eventually turn into him: