Thursday, December 27, 2007

Work Meeting

Once a month, I get together with a coworker for a work meeting. We basically discuss how things are going at work, how we can increase productivity, how we can save the company more money, go see a girl movie, and eat lots of candy. Most people dread work meetings, but I actually don't mind them. We don't get paid for attending the meeting, but we do get out of work, which we also don't get paid for. So the meetings actually work in our favor. Plus, they have proven to increase fiscal earnings, streamline productivity, and prevent mental breakdowns.

Below is a picture of my coworker, Katie. She's the assistant to the regional manager of the Morgan branch (they have a two-year-old actually running their company, which is not uncommon--a two-year-old also runs the Esplin branch). She's flashing her branch's gang sign--the double Ms, which stands for "Morgan Mama."

For the first part of the meeting, we discussed the death of our grandparents, and how that made us feel. We acknowledged that life is short and we should live everyday like it is our last. And we're going to fold the laundry and put it away right when it comes out of the dryer, and not let it build up until it is a giant mountain of wrinkly clothes that we have to climb each day on our way to the bathroom.

For the next part of this month's meeting, our company got us tickets to the hottest show in town: 27 Dresses. "Whoa, what...?" you're thinking, "27 Dresses won't be released to theaters until January 11th, 2008." And you would be correct. What you don't know is that our company has a contract with Fandango, where you can print tickets at home to a one-time, exclusive sneak preview of 27 Dresses, open to the entire public, when you own a major credit card, or you could just buy tickets at the movie theater. We almost didn't get in, because we weren't in compliance with the strict red carpet dress code, or because I left our tickets sitting on my printer at the office. Luckily, I was able to call the office and get a confirmation code, and the ticket usher let us in. The Century theater was packed with other workers in our industry, who were likely having similar meetings with coworkers, and, as I had suspected, cat owners. Good thing I had brought along my allergy pills--the Morgan branch has cats, too.

Here's my review of 27 Dresses:

The premise of the movie is this: Jane, a mid-twenties assistant to an outdoorsy magazine owner, living in New York, is always a bridesmaid, never a bride. Why, you ask? Well, simply put, she's ugly:
See how brown her hair is? Her sister, on the other hand, is drop dead gorgeous:
See how blonde? Anyways, back to the story. Jane is always a bridesmaid, in fact she has been a bridesmaid in a record breaking 27 weddings! (Personally, I think it's better to be a bridesmaid in 27 weddings, than to be a bride in 27 weddings, but that's just me.) Immediately, we learn that Jane has bigger things to worry about than holding the bride's bouquet during the wedding ceremony, or holding the bride's gown while she pees, because Jane is in love with her boss... can't remember his name, we'll just call him Beady Eyes McGee:
Beady Eyes McGee thinks Jane is a great employee that he can make do all kinds of extra stuff without overtime pay, but that's about it. However, when he meets Jane's sister... can't remember her name, we'll call her Kinda Slutty... he instantly falls in love with her for a number of reasons that are not explained to the audience, and they set a wedding date, three weeks away. Jane is devastated, but nonetheless agrees to plan the whole wedding.

Enter left stage, Mr. Wrong. Mr. Wrong--whose real name is... can't remember, we'll call him Better Looking--is a wedding column writer for the New York Times, and, not only is he suspiciously better looking than Beady Eyes McGee, he has a better personality:
Naturally, Jane clashes with him, as she prefers boring, beady eyed men who have been with her sister now so it's too late anyways.
As you've probably guessed by his previous job description, Better Looking gets it in his head to write an expose' story on the ugly girl who has been a bridesmaid 27 times (a' la Runaway Bride). In order to write his story, he must get closer to her, and does so through a series of contrived meetings that are usually explained away with a "press pass." "What are you doing here?" "Um, we have to keep bumping into each other to progress the story line." "Whatever, I'm mad at you." "Why?" "Nobody knows." "Will you pull out all your old bridesmaid dresses that you have packed into your too-small closet and let me take your picture wearing them?" "Fine."
The sequence of her trying on all her old bridesmaid dresses with flashbacks to every wedding she was in, set to a upbeat musical track, was expected, but surprisingly funny.

There are some other moments in the movie that, although expected, nonetheless brought a smile to my face. A lot of the comic relief came directly from the audience, which consisted of several women who felt it was appropriate to shout out internal thoughts. "Shut-up! He did not just do that!" "She don't need you anyway!" "I love this girl, what's her name, Katherine Heigel... from Grey's Anatomy... I love me some McDreamy..." "Katherine Heigel's mormon." (<--Katie whispered that one to me). "Kerplugney!" (<--The lady behind us shouted that one out, and made like she was jumping out of her seat, during a spontaneous kissing scene, reminding me that I was in a theater packed with lonely women, not on a ferry boat, strung with lights, in New York City). Of course, I won't give away the ending, but you know when they show a wedding at the end, and you think it's the main character's wedding, but then they pan out and it's like their single mother who had a crush on the butcher downstairs from them? That doesn't happen. In fact, Jane's mother died when she was a little girl, and she basically raised Kinda Slutty--which really is the basis of a lot of their issues. Oh wait, I almost forgot all about Jane's cynical BFF with the dirty mouth... Trashy: She disappears about halfway through the movie, but makes an appearance at the end to offer non-judgmental support to Jane, because who is she to judge?

Overall, I would recommend this movie to other females in my industry, who could careless if they knew the movie was going to end that way, because they really wanted it to end that way anyways. I'm going to give the movie 4 out of 5 hand-knitted dishrags:

At the close of our meeting, Katie mentioned that she would like to expand her branch, and maybe relocate to a tropical climate, and I said I was interested in downsizing (just a pet--don't worry), and maybe moving to a location with more concrete. We both agreed we need to have more work meetings, like the desert needs the rain.


Katie or Tom said...

Hey everybody, you remeber that one part in that totally awesome movie where... what? You haven't seen it? Oh, guess that was a VIP showing... We did get some serious buisness done. jenny thank you for he laundry tips. I had no idea you could get pen out with hairspray. Peace out. (that is what I say now that I am cool. You like my "cool" pose? Yeah, I know you are all saying that Jenny's cool pose is cooler than mine, but i am just a beginner, and jenny has been cool for a while.) Jenny, are you as creeped out by that really fat guy who went to see the movie all by himself as I am? I am sure there is quite a story there.

Amy Thurston said...

Katie, let's not be judgemental. I think we would all be creeped out by any guy that went to see a girl movie by himself. Does it really matter how much he weighs?
That was the best play by play of a movie I have ever heard. It sounds crappy, but crappy in the way that I love. So I guess I will be going. I'll take the co-worker in my region. We might even invite the CEO!!

sarastrasser said...

Yes well my company is going a little broke right now and we don't expect to see a rise in productivity until the spring. Now according to your play by play, this movie should have already come and go by the time we see profits again so I will not be seeing it until it comes out to rent but fortunately my company gets FREE movie passes to Blockbuster for only $15/month and they also provide couches, t.v. (only a 27 inch though), and a dvd player so I should be comfortable watching it. I might bring it up at the next staff meeting about adding snacks or something and see if we can't improve employee morale by down sizing the amount of diaper changes each person has to do. I will let you know how it goes. I also have stock option for anyone out there who is interested.

Erin Beck said...

My company is a non-profit organization who takes donations. Address you can make those donations to are ESBECK and CO. For the Blind and Deaf. 9125 Camplight Ave. #101 Las Vegas, NV. 89149. I promise, all the money goes to great causes. We dont have many employees so we fall behind alot on our work so we also except anyone willing to give free service without expecting anything in return, maybe a glass of tap water but you must bring the glass. Anyways, the movie sounds..typical? To bad the showing was to late for me. My Company likes to get 5am start. But the talkng before and after sounds very informative. Sorry I missed out.

Andrew Waite said...

you're right, life is short. live every week like it's "shark week"

hazel morgan said...

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Vegas Family said...

Sorry I missed it also. Your review may keep me from seeing it in Jan. as well.
Glad you let some fun happen at your meetings. Good times are important for moral.

Memzy said...

I'm starting company meetings next month thanks to you.


Emily said...

Company meetings?? That's great! Now I have a name for my little "outings" I go on.