Sunday, December 16, 2007

Esplin Family Christmas Card


This is a video I put together of pictures from our entire year (don't worry, I crammed everything into 5 minutes). The pictures go fast, but there aren't any subliminal messages in there (just don't play it backwards). The song is “Time Stand Still” by Rush. For those of you who don’t know, Anthony is a huge Rush fan, however I am an anti-fan. But I grew to like this song--it's the only Rush song in which Getty Lee (the leader singer) doesn't sound like an evil-witch. Edit: Anthony was annoyed when he saw what I wrote and asked me to add that Neil Peart (drummer for Rush) is the greatest drummer that ever lived, according to somethin'-er-other, and a bunch of more stuff, can't remember, blah blah blah...

(pause the music on the side bar before playing the video)

While putting this video together, I realized what a great year we had. I kept thinking, “Wow, we did all this in one year?” Here are some highlights:

Cord turned nine and started the 4th grade. He was accepted into the GATE program (gifted and talented education) and he got a part in the school play.

Gus turned six and started 1st grade. He started Cub Scouts and loves wearing his cool uniform.

Homer (aka Arch) turned two. He’s a handful, but we have a lot of fun with him. He loves to watch scary movies.

Anthony and I turned that age that makes people not want to tell their age anymore. I finished my second year of school, and Anthony finished another year of work.

We took family vacations to Southern California, Northern California, Portland, Oregon, and Idaho (of course). I went on a Mexican cruise without Anthony or the kids (my first time ever leaving them) with two of my sisters, and Anthony and I took a trip to England without the kids.

We gained a new nephew, when my brother and his wife had a baby, and we gained a new sister-in-law/aunt, when Anthony's brother, Brett, got married.

All that excitement, and the best part about this past year was getting together with our families--Anthony's family at Brett's wedding, and my family at my parent's surprise, 40th anniversary party. We hadn’t seen some of Anthony's family in a long time—too long—and we had such a good time visiting with everyone. I had the best time planning my parents' surprise, 40th anniversary party with my brother and sisters (thanks to my sisters, Amy & Sara, for orchestrating it all). Collecting, organizing, and copying old family photos and video occupied a good portion of my summer, but it was so worth it. I will never forget the look on my mom's face when she walked through the door and saw all these people gathered together, who had come from near and far, all to celebrate them. I’m so proud of my parents. It will always be one of the best moments of my life. When I think of 2007, I won't think about the amazing trips we took and the things we did, I’ll remember my mom, walking through the door with her mouth hanging open in shock, and tears in her eyes.

How are we ever going to top this year?

We wish all of you well, and hope you have a great 2008,

The Esplin Family


Emily said...

That was great! I hope this next year is as good as the last! Merry Christmas!!

Katie or Tom said...

Wow, when i saw the 5 minutes I thought i would just give it a try. I loved it. Every time i saw a picture of somewhere i was it took me back. It was nice to finally have some pictures to go with the stories you told, too. It was beautifully orchestrated. The time flew by (in the video, and in life.) It was a great year huh. you never disapoint.

Erin Beck said...

You guys had a great year my video would only take 30 seconds. Merry Christmas

sarastrasser said...

I enjoyed you video as well. I have been feeling very down on my luck lately and really looking forward to this year ending finally but when I watched your video it reminded me of a lot of good times I had this year and made me feel much better about my past year. I feel much more grateful for what I did get to do and for the fun times with my kids and extended family as well. Definitely the highlight of my year was the anniversary party as well. It was so sad when it was all over with. Merry Christmas.

Memzy said...

You have inspired me to take more pictures and video of my life. Our video camera had been broken for a few months and I just went out and got a new one. I want to take more video like you do!

Btw, if you want to see your cousin dressed in a "groovy" outfit, check out my blog.

hayley said...

that was a cute video. i didnt see any pictures with me in them.....thanks.

tom said...

groovy song, I'm impressed with your video skills, you and andy should collaborate. Just a suggestion, you should have ended with fireworks and then a puppy.

Erin Beck said...

I just watched your video again and not only is that my favorite rush song as well ( also Coreys favorite band that grew on me) I did get a bit emotional. Glad I am the last one to comment. Nobody ever makes it to the last comment. Think Im going to go out and buy me a disposable camera so I can take a picture of my kids

Sam, Shel & Co said...

I love Rush, too. So you can tell Anthony that. And I'm an old person.

Aunt Shel

Sam, Shel & Co said...

Great video, by the way. You have a gift.

So, what are you majoring in in school?

Sam, Shel & Co said...

Great video, by the way. You have a gift.

So, what are you majoring in in school?

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