Monday, November 12, 2007

Family Home Video Day: A Spiritual Craving

(Tip: Make sure your volume is turned up LOUD once the dialog starts. Pay particular attention to the end dialog)


  • This film was taken exactly 19 years ago, to the day
  • In the 80s, brown latticework, leaned against a brown fence, served as a sort of doily.
  • It can also be likened to a lace bib overlay on a dress, like this (copy/paste):
  • Erin never did let mom take a dirty video of her

  • She refuses to let anyone take dirty videos of her to this day
  • But the main reason she wouldn't turn around was because her bangs weren't done
  • Immediately after this film was shot, the girls went out for some frozen yogurt

  • To pay for her yogurt, Amy memorized Bible verse: Job 39:5

  • Erin memorized Bible verse: Playing for Keeps

  • Erin had no idea that her Bible verse was actually a fictional passage from the Readers Digest
  • Erin always kept a Reader's Digest and some potato chips in her scripture case, and faithfully brought it to church each Sunday, helping her Sunday school class earn a gold star for remembering their scriptures
  • 5 gold stars, and Sisters Yates would bring in homemade snicker doodles, Erin's favorite
  • Amy still has her Bible verse memorized
  • She continues to recite it at frozen yogurt places, in the hopes of getting free yogurt

  • She has yet to find a place that will accept Bible verse as currency.
  • Exactly 8 years after this film was shot (Nov. 12, 1996), Amy gave birth to a baby boy (Happy Birthday Bailey Jeffery Thurston!)
  • All this talk about frozen yogurt has given me a cravin’. I’m grabin' my Bible and headin' to the Golden Spoon!


ajesplin said...

Ok, this wasn’t my best home video clip, but I couldn’t resist posting it today since it happens to be home video from Nov 12, 1988, and it’s Bailey’s birthday today! Besides, I didn’t want to come out guns blazin’ and have a weak follow up next week. The grooviest videos are yet to come!

Amy Thurston said...

I loved how skinny I was. I think that will be my new goal weight.

Erin Beck said..., what else can I say but NERD!!!! Happy birthday Baily. Sorry no video footage from me. I doont even own a camera. My kids are going to love me when they are older because I will have no groovey video footage of them!! See I am a good mom.

Erin Beck said...

Oh and by the way jenny...I do have a few dirty videos of me...just not the kind that you dont read this.

sarastrasser said...

I enjoyed it. I wish that I had something fun to put up but I don't have any pictures or videos. Good luck getting a frozen yogurt Amy. It sounds like something Bailey would say.

Amanda said...

Can't wait for more. Thanks Jenny for sharing!

Erin Beck said...

Im starting to feel an obsession(did I spell that right?) with me? I love you and your blogs but you do have other members of the family watching that may see us playing "Favorites". By the way, I think your smart and me with my paper. ok luv you by.

Erin Beck said...

did you read my last comment? See I cant even type. I need helpwith my paper! maybe i should just call u instead of typing this. What can I say..Im bored and obsessed

Shed said...

Boy! Gus sure was pissed about something in the beginning of that video. Angry Secret Service Agent vs. Angst Filled Teenagers?

abutler said...

Great video. I wish I could find some good old vintage footage like that of our family...NOT

TimW8 said...

Do you know what November 12, 1988 means to me????

Absoluetly nothing!

BUT, November 12, that is a date I'll never forget. That was 3 days after Brenda and my first date.

Why is that special you ask...

That's the date that Brenda called me up and asked, "So, are we an item?" I said "sure" and the rest is history.

Just thought you should know.(smile)

Emily said...

Ok, I've watched that video 5 times and it gets funnier every time! Keep 'em coming!!