Sunday, November 11, 2007

Destiny's Mama

*Note: This is not my FHVD clip, that's on Mondays, remember

The response to the first Destiny’s Mama clip has been overwhelming, to say the least. The comments have numbered in the ones, so I have decided to post another clip. This one’s for the fan(s). If you have been living under a rock and don't know who Destiny's Mama is, see previous post called "Exclusive Vintage Video."

It’s a little tune called Toss Me a Bone. It illustrates the angst felt between a parent and child who live in different states (literarily or figuratively speaking). I wrote this for my parents at a time when they were having difficulty dealing with the fact that their favorite daughter (me) lived in another state (they still struggle with this). They wanted her (me) to move back to Boise with every fiber of their being.

I will quickly identify my favorite points in the video:

1) Francie’s Charles Ingalls' hair

2) Erin, struggling to keep-up with my erratic tempo

3) Francie’s close up

4) Destiny’s Mama screaming at Francie to move—totally against what Destiny’s Mama stands for

5) Destiny’s Mama incorporating the scream into the song

Without further ado, Destiny’s mama, performing Toss Me a Bone…


Destiny’s Mama was starting to feel the pressure. They had made take after take without achieving the level of perfection that performing for Oprah demands, and they finally snapped.

One member of Destiny’s Mama had this to say about the breakdown: “Frances had received another phone call from her dad, and… well, you’ll see what happens next…”



Amy Thurston said...

I took Behind the Music off of my TiVo, because I obviously no longer need it, thanks to you Jenny! I love your new obsession!
And I LOVE Destiny's Mama!

Andrew Waite said...

that is AWESOME!!!! i've never been to your blog, but now i have, and it's cool, i'm gunna have to come back some more... and now i need to go see if i can scrape something up for F.H.V. day.

Erin Beck said...

I know I know, I'm such a great mom with fabulous parenting skills. Beleive it or not, that throwing the phone trick still works. I swear my kids are like pets!!

Amy Thurston said...

I have to say, I cannot wait for FHV!!

Erin Beck said...

Tuesdays should be chatroom Tuesdays. everyone still have their microphones?? Mysterious person does. i fel like this is kind of a chatroom anyway.

Emily said...

I cannot stop laughing...

sarastrasser said...

Love the Charles Ingles hair do.

TimW8 said...

One word...Sweeet
Second word... Nice
You should duplicate this video and sell it. You could call it 'Parenting Tips' (subtitled): Thangs Yo Momma neva told ya)

Mary said...

Thanks for the tribute, girls! But Francie's performance was the icing on the cake! Cord and Gus' Strange Thing video is my second favorite. It's hilarious and dad and I have had lots of laughs watching it.

Amber Waite said...

I *L*O*V*E* Destiny's Mama! You guys are AWESOME! I want more! I laughed for like 5 minutes after watching this. You have such an awesome blog. I can't wait to see more.