Saturday, November 17, 2007

Cyber Tag: Six Things that Define Who I am

1. I eat the same thing for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day (with my menu changing two or three times a year).

2. I have roughly a thousand paperback books stacked in the back of my closet, all of which I have read at least once (the good ones, I’ve read a few times), and I only discovered my love for reading in my early twenties (at times, it was an unhealthy obsession).

3. My dream job is to work in publishing, so I can read the horrible manuscripts of aspiring writers.

4. I feel the happiest when I am spending time with my boys (not the day-to-day stuff, but the quality stuff), and sometimes I don’t let them play outside with friends because I want to hang out with them (mean, huh?).

5. Someday, I will travel the world!

6. We used to have a little boy named Henry.

I’m going to tag Bailey, Calvin, Ella, Wolfe, Teddy, Maddie, and Frances (use your mommy’s blog).

Story for Brenda…

I read about Mabel on your blog, so I thought you might like this story. We had a pet rat when we were little named Big Mama. Sara used to dress her up in our hair scrunchies (put it around her waste like a tutu). I have a picture, but I can’t find it, otherwise I’d post it for you. She was a good pet, and had many of the same characteristics you described Mabel as having. She lived for a VERY long time (like 8 years), and then she died on Christmas day of cancer (we diagnosed her ourselves, so it might have been something else). After I had been married for about a year, I got all nostalgic for Big Mama, and Anthony (who had known Big Mama before we got married) thought a rat would be a great first-pet for us, so we went to a pet store and bought a rat. We named her Taco (clever, huh?). It didn’t take long before we were totally grossed-out by her, but we kept acting as if we weren’t. In fact, we were both very unhappy that a rat was living in our apartment, but neither of us wanted to admit at the time that rats had become disgusting to us. When we woke up one morning to discover she had died (of cancer we think), I was more grossed out than I ever had been when she was alive.

Similarly to the rat story, I found my old Cabbage Patch kids (Marty and Tonya) in my parent’s basement after I had been married for a while and got all nostalgic again, so I took them home to my apartment. That night, I got the eeriest feeling about those Cabbage Patch kids, as if they were mad at me or something. The next morning, following the prompting of The Spirit (I think it was The Spirit), I drove them back to my parent’s house and put them back in my parents' basement, where all creepy things belong.

Moral: Things that were cute and fun when we were children are now gross and creepy.

When Homer became obsessed with the movie Ratatouille, I suggested to Anthony that we buy him a pet rat for his birthday. He simply replied "Taco," and chills ran down my spine.

Here’s a picture of me with Taco. Notice that the smile does not quite reach my eyes.


Erin Beck said...

I remember you guys would let that nasty rat crawl down your pants and chill out on your leg!! That was so gross.

Amy Thurston said...

I remember big mama, and I remember never being able to be within 10 feet of her. I have a very vivid memory of big mama's tail crossing along between Sara's lips. I also remember big mama's name being gus gus from cinderella. You two are disgusting. I don't think I will ever be able to kiss Sara on the lips ever again. p.s., my kids are grounded from the computer until they can pick up their underdrawers from the bathroom floor for a solid week! You may need to find another tag.

ajesplin said...

(I would just like clarify a few things: First, I remember Erin being the one who would let Big Mama crawl around inside her clothes--while we were watching movies or TV. Second, Gus Gus was a different pet rat, who preceded Big Mama. Thanks.)

sarastrasser said...

Big Mama and Gus Gus are two entirely seperate rats. Do go stereotyping all rats as the same. Gus Gus (an albino rat) we had for several years and HE died of Cancer (a large tumor growing in his stomach). Big Mama was a black and white mouse that we had for a year or less until it finally died of starvation becuase I too bacame grossed out and no longer had to deisre to take care of it, a fate a few pets of mine had. Mom, why did you keep letting me had pets?

Amanda said...

You are so cool!

Memzy said...

Even tho that smile sooper doesn't reach your eyes, I agree with the beauty of the 3 boy moms. And I think there is also some strange form of superintelligence, no?

Pleasekthanks give your daily menu.

Erin Beck said...

I bought my kids that nasty dog a coupke Christmas's ago and he "Ran Away" about a month later. I basically opened the door and said to him that he was free to go and he left and that was that. I hate animals.

Emily said...

I'm with Erin. It just boggles my mind when I hear that people have rats or mice as pets. I always associate them with sewers and garbage. But, I still love you.

Amy Thurston said...

It's FHVN!!!!

ajesplin said...

My current menu:
Breakfast: Silmfast--milk chocolate Lunch: Lean Cuisine BBQ pizza (I pick off the chicken--yuck--and feed it to Homer, and I add one slice of swiss)
Dinner: Lean Cuisine Four Cheese Cannelloni

(Note: I also take a chewable vitamin and drink lots of Diet Coke. This started as a diet, but now it's just a habit--I do not like to cook, but mainly I am just a picky eater. Anthony is rarely home for dinner (it has always been this way throughout our entire marriage) because he works odd shifts, and when he is home he eats Lean Cuisine--he's currently training for the marathon, so for him it's kind-of a diet. So I only have kids to cook for, and for them, I cook a variety of things that I would never eat.)