Thursday, November 22, 2007

Busy, Busy, Bee...

I had so much to do to get ready for Thanksgiving, I decided to add to the stress by capturing each moment on camera. This was monumental stuff; I needed to document it! First, I'm hosting Thanksgiving this year (my first time ever) so I had to do some major house cleaning. I started with the kitchen, of course. About 1/3 of my counter space was occupied by mail, papers, and important documents, so I piled it in a trash bag and carried it up to my already messy office and dumped it out on the floor. After I finished cleaning the kitchen, I went up to my office to study for an Astronomy test, but my office was such a disaster, I couldn't concentrate (or access my desk), so I decided to sort through a years worth of mail, papers, and secret documents. I kept thinking about Erin, and how she would never have created this problem to begin with, since she has a strong aversion to clutter. I was also tempted to just throw everything away without looking at it, like Erin would do, but I didn't. Good thing, too, since I found 10 dollars in that pile.

Here's a video I made of my progress, and ultimately clean office. (If you know what this song is from, then you are the #1 coolest person visiting my blog today. If you don't know what it's from, you are only the #2 coolest person visiting my blog today.)


Here's Homer, helping/getting in the way.
(That's frosting on his face--he helped himself to a tub of it while I was distracted.)

What a relief to get that done! It only took me about 2 1/2 hours. (See, Amy, you can have a clutter-free office like me, and it will only take you a week since your office is the size of a small house). Then I scrambled to study for my Astronomy test. Below is a picture Homer snapped of me studying/messing around on You Tube. That's Gus next to me, learning about Oblers' Paradox/dogs on skateboards. (I look annoyed because a two-year-old has my camera).

A few hours later, I was ready to take my test (it's an online class, so I have timed tests on the computer). I got 100% (You Tube is very informational). Then I jumped in the shower, and looked fabulous just in time for Katie to arrive. We were going to prepare some of the food for our Thanksgiving feast Wednesday night (Erin couldn't join us because she had to prepare her house for company, and, as you probably know, Becky is out of town). Now, if you know me, you know that 1) I am a bad cook, 2) I hate cooking, 3) I get grossed out easily if food isn't prepared in a clean manor. However, 1) I had Katie (and Sara) to guide me along, 2) I was actually excited to cook my very first Thanksgiving dinner, 3) I insisted that Katie and I wear hairnets (shower caps, actually) and gloves. Tom, who shares my food sanitation apprehensions, will appreciate the lengths we went to to keep everything sanitary. We took pictures, and I put it in a little video (so my blog wouldn't be too long).



sarastrasser said...

Loved the second video of you and Katie. I liked that your hair net still had hair hanging out that could fall into the food. I am only the second coolest person to visit your blog because I don't know what that song is from. HAPPY THANKSGIVING and congratulations on cooking your very first dinner. It looked and smelled delicious.

Erin Beck said...

Sara dont feel bad I dont know that song either, but at least I dont have mounds of clutter right? Jenny and Katie did a wonderful job with Turkey dinner. It was probably for the best that I was not able to help. We all remember my Briskett at Christmas a few years back. The only one who ate it was Scott and thats because he didnt know what it was suppose to taste like. Anyways thanks jenny and Katie.

Amanda said...

I love people that are anal with their cooking hygiene. I am OCD about that. And good for your for getting your house cleaned up. My house looks like your before shots.

Amy Thurston said...

that was a fun one to watch. I too loved your hair hanging out of your hairnet (totally defeated the purpose). I also liked how you chose to wait until after everyone had already eaten your food to post it. Remember when we were younger and it would be Tom's turn to cook dinner, and when we would come down to eat he would say, "I made it with my own two hands" then start licking his fingers and sticking them up his nose. I think that may be where all our issues with eating food prepared by others stems from.

Erin Beck said...

I think we all grossed each other out. Thats were the cereal box walls came from. You are all gross and disgusting!