Monday, November 26, 2007

Family Home Video Day: Grandma Cordil's House, Part2: The Urkel

Grandma Cordil's House, Part 2: The Urkel


So, I had two different titles for this week's FHVD clip, and even prepared two different endings. The other title was "The Accordion," but in the end, I went with "The Urkel," because I thought the "The Accordion" turned out to be more sad than funny.
I'll post the alternate ending below; let me what you think.


Sunday, November 25, 2007

Our Thanksgiving!

Fixing my first Thanksgiving turkey.


We had Thanksgiving dinner with Tom's family and Erin this year. We missed all of our other Morgan family members and our Esplin family members. I heard Becky, Wade, and the kids celebrated Thanksgiving in Italy, eating pizza. Gus is really missing his best buddy, Jack--they'll be home soon, can't wait!
Here's a slide show of our Thanksgiving. It was spectacular!


Saturday, November 24, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

Note: My Thanksgiving Day pictures will come up tomorrow (hopefully).

Yesterday was our anniversary (Nov. 23). Anthony and I have been married 11 years! We are notoriously bad at celebrating--and even remembering--our anniversary. You would think the fact that it falls on or around Thanksgiving every year would give us a cue, however our anniversary has still managed to slip passed us unnoticed on occasion. One year, we were sitting on my parents’ couch in Boise after Thanksgiving dinner, visiting with family and digesting our food, when my mom casually asked how long Anthony and I had been married. We looked at each other, calculating the years together. “Eight years? No, wait, we were married in ’96. It’s 2005, it will be nine years this year.” Pause. “Oh crap! Our anniversary was yesterday!”

I think the problem is our anniversary date. The holiday season distracts us and makes us poor. But after forgetting our anniversary in front of a gathering of laughing family members, we made a promise to never forget it again, and to make it a memorable day. This year, Anthony made sure he had the entire weekend off (that many days off in a row is rare lately), and we couldn’t resist just relaxing in our home with the kids. It felt so good to have nothing to do! No work, no school, no activities to plan, no babysitters to arrange, no suitcase to pack… it was great! We decided to take the money we had saved and buy a fireplace (something we have always wanted). We got the one at Costco (I’ll post pictures later). Yes, we know it’s not a real fireplace, but we are going to pretend it is. We made hot chocolate and sat around the digital flames, while the built-in space-heater blew warm air at us. It was a lot of fun. Then we all went to the movies--we gave the maid the night off, and put popcorn on our knees. We saw Enchanted, at Amy’s recommendation. Homer loved the whole experience, and sat quietly in his chair with his Slurpie and Kettle corn—so cute! It was a great day.

Warning: I am now going to brag shamelessly about my husband.

At times in my marriage, I have taken for granted what a wonderful husband I have. Today, I am going to share with everyone the top ten things that make Anthony such a great husband (in no particular order).

He is the nicest person I know. Nice is SO underrated these days. If I could give one piece of advice to young girls looking for a husband, I would say to find a man who is nice—not just on the surface, but to the depths of their sole.

He is the best dad I know (not including my own dad). Not only can he handle the kids on his own, but he also enjoys spending time with the kids on his own, and he excels at it (some of you with husbands who are great dads may think this is a given, but trust me, it’s not).

He has a killer immune system. This guy has never been sick in the 11 years that we have been married, and many years before that. He has NEVER had to call in sick to work, or missed even one day of school (when he was in school). Even surrounded by a house full of runny noses, hacking coughs, and vomit, he never catches a thing. How lucky are we?!

He is crazy in love with me. At least that’s what he makes me think.

He seems to be unaware of my shortcomings as a housewife. He does more laundry than I do, and thinks nothing of doing the dishes left in sink from the night before.

He supports my life ambitions and dreams. Some wives are content to raise their children, and take care of their husband and entire household--all monumental and rewarding tasks by themselves--but when I told Anthony I want to do all of that and more, and I would need his help and support, he did not hesitate to agree. He picks up my slack, and he never complains. (OK, sometimes he complains, but he truly wants me to succeed in my goals and be happy).

He wants the same things out of life as I do. We got married very young, and I think many people don’t really realize what they want out of life until their mid-20s, or even 30s. We both discovered new things about ourselves after we had been married for a while, and this can cause trouble for some marriages. I think the fact that we want the same things out of life is a little bit luck and a little bit self-sacrifice. We support each other.

He has incredible work ethic. He is loyal to his profession, and has honest concern for the clients who come into his pharmacy. Working in an industry that is extremely short handed, his company can count on him to pick up overtime shifts every week, regardless of the fact that he values the time spent away from our family more than the extra money he brings home.

He is willing and ready to sacrifice ANYTHING for our family. I don’t know any man who would do what he did the final three years of his doctorate program (maybe my dad would do this—you would have to ask my mom). When he got into the pharmacy program at USN, they informed the students at orientation that they could not complete this intense, accelerated program and have a job at the same time. Classes went eight hours a day, Monday through Friday, with no summer break. The school set high standards, and students were required to get 90% or higher in each course in order to pass, so they would have to spend every waking moment away from school studying the difficult science material. Of course, Anthony knew he had to keep his job—I had quit school to work full-time while he earned his bachelor’s degree, and we had both agreed that I should spend the next years at home, taking care of our little boys. He kept his full-time job (the ONLY student at the school to do so), passed every single class with 90% or higher, and averaged about 3 hours of sleep a night, for three years straight. This regular lack of sleep is so unfathomable to humans that when I would tell people this was happening, most would try to find a way to make sense of it in their minds. “Does he have a break in the middle of the day to take a nap?” NO. “Can he catch up on sleep over the weekend?” NO (he worked weekends, and the only thing he ever caught up on was schoolwork and family time). “Does he call-in sick to work or skip class to catch up on sleep?” NEVER. Because he went so long with very little sleep, I was always worried about him. About a year into this, I came across his Patriarchal blessing. In it, it said that he would be able to get by on small amounts of sleep for long periods of time. How crazy is that? Anthony hadn’t even remembered that part of his blessing. I slept much better after that (no pun intended). When he was about to graduate, a few of his professors found out that he had been maintaining a full-time job (he never used it as an excuse or complained) and were both shocked and impressed. He had done the impossible!

He is humble and modest. He would downplay everything I said on this list. “Don’t post that, Jenny.” That’s why I’m not going to show him.

Over the last few years, I have learned that having a great marriage takes more than marrying a great man. I have made a conscious effort to become closer to Anthony (something I didn’t think was possible) and appreciating his positive traits (yes, he has some negatives, were you starting to believe he’s perfect?). Just being in his presence makes me happy. The commitment I made to him as a na├»ve, 19-year-old girl was the best decision I ever made.

OK, I’m done bragging. If you made it through the whole thing (or even skimmed it), wipe the tears from your eyes, now, and blow your nose. I won’t put you through that again for an entire year; I promise.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Busy, Busy, Bee...

I had so much to do to get ready for Thanksgiving, I decided to add to the stress by capturing each moment on camera. This was monumental stuff; I needed to document it! First, I'm hosting Thanksgiving this year (my first time ever) so I had to do some major house cleaning. I started with the kitchen, of course. About 1/3 of my counter space was occupied by mail, papers, and important documents, so I piled it in a trash bag and carried it up to my already messy office and dumped it out on the floor. After I finished cleaning the kitchen, I went up to my office to study for an Astronomy test, but my office was such a disaster, I couldn't concentrate (or access my desk), so I decided to sort through a years worth of mail, papers, and secret documents. I kept thinking about Erin, and how she would never have created this problem to begin with, since she has a strong aversion to clutter. I was also tempted to just throw everything away without looking at it, like Erin would do, but I didn't. Good thing, too, since I found 10 dollars in that pile.

Here's a video I made of my progress, and ultimately clean office. (If you know what this song is from, then you are the #1 coolest person visiting my blog today. If you don't know what it's from, you are only the #2 coolest person visiting my blog today.)


Here's Homer, helping/getting in the way.
(That's frosting on his face--he helped himself to a tub of it while I was distracted.)

What a relief to get that done! It only took me about 2 1/2 hours. (See, Amy, you can have a clutter-free office like me, and it will only take you a week since your office is the size of a small house). Then I scrambled to study for my Astronomy test. Below is a picture Homer snapped of me studying/messing around on You Tube. That's Gus next to me, learning about Oblers' Paradox/dogs on skateboards. (I look annoyed because a two-year-old has my camera).

A few hours later, I was ready to take my test (it's an online class, so I have timed tests on the computer). I got 100% (You Tube is very informational). Then I jumped in the shower, and looked fabulous just in time for Katie to arrive. We were going to prepare some of the food for our Thanksgiving feast Wednesday night (Erin couldn't join us because she had to prepare her house for company, and, as you probably know, Becky is out of town). Now, if you know me, you know that 1) I am a bad cook, 2) I hate cooking, 3) I get grossed out easily if food isn't prepared in a clean manor. However, 1) I had Katie (and Sara) to guide me along, 2) I was actually excited to cook my very first Thanksgiving dinner, 3) I insisted that Katie and I wear hairnets (shower caps, actually) and gloves. Tom, who shares my food sanitation apprehensions, will appreciate the lengths we went to to keep everything sanitary. We took pictures, and I put it in a little video (so my blog wouldn't be too long).


Monday, November 19, 2007

Family Home Video Day: Grandma Cordil's House, Part1: The Violent Fashion Show

Grandma Cordil's House, Part 1: The Violent Fashion Show


(OK, I posted this video on You Tube because the file was too big to upload, but after viewing it, I realized that the quality of the video would be very poor. Instead, I decided to cut the video clip in half, so I can upload it directly--Emily gave me the perfect place to cut it, thanks Emily! I will post "Part 2" next time.)


My Family Home Video Day video will be up soon. I made the video clip over the weekend, and when I tried to upload it, the file was just a tiny bit too big. I'm uploading it onto You Tube and will post it when it's finished processing.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Cyber Tag: Six Things that Define Who I am

1. I eat the same thing for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day (with my menu changing two or three times a year).

2. I have roughly a thousand paperback books stacked in the back of my closet, all of which I have read at least once (the good ones, I’ve read a few times), and I only discovered my love for reading in my early twenties (at times, it was an unhealthy obsession).

3. My dream job is to work in publishing, so I can read the horrible manuscripts of aspiring writers.

4. I feel the happiest when I am spending time with my boys (not the day-to-day stuff, but the quality stuff), and sometimes I don’t let them play outside with friends because I want to hang out with them (mean, huh?).

5. Someday, I will travel the world!

6. We used to have a little boy named Henry.

I’m going to tag Bailey, Calvin, Ella, Wolfe, Teddy, Maddie, and Frances (use your mommy’s blog).

Story for Brenda…

I read about Mabel on your blog, so I thought you might like this story. We had a pet rat when we were little named Big Mama. Sara used to dress her up in our hair scrunchies (put it around her waste like a tutu). I have a picture, but I can’t find it, otherwise I’d post it for you. She was a good pet, and had many of the same characteristics you described Mabel as having. She lived for a VERY long time (like 8 years), and then she died on Christmas day of cancer (we diagnosed her ourselves, so it might have been something else). After I had been married for about a year, I got all nostalgic for Big Mama, and Anthony (who had known Big Mama before we got married) thought a rat would be a great first-pet for us, so we went to a pet store and bought a rat. We named her Taco (clever, huh?). It didn’t take long before we were totally grossed-out by her, but we kept acting as if we weren’t. In fact, we were both very unhappy that a rat was living in our apartment, but neither of us wanted to admit at the time that rats had become disgusting to us. When we woke up one morning to discover she had died (of cancer we think), I was more grossed out than I ever had been when she was alive.

Similarly to the rat story, I found my old Cabbage Patch kids (Marty and Tonya) in my parent’s basement after I had been married for a while and got all nostalgic again, so I took them home to my apartment. That night, I got the eeriest feeling about those Cabbage Patch kids, as if they were mad at me or something. The next morning, following the prompting of The Spirit (I think it was The Spirit), I drove them back to my parent’s house and put them back in my parents' basement, where all creepy things belong.

Moral: Things that were cute and fun when we were children are now gross and creepy.

When Homer became obsessed with the movie Ratatouille, I suggested to Anthony that we buy him a pet rat for his birthday. He simply replied "Taco," and chills ran down my spine.

Here’s a picture of me with Taco. Notice that the smile does not quite reach my eyes.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sick Day

Yesterday I woke up sick (must have caught what Homer has--poor baby), and I was not looking forward to dragging myself to my HIST class that night. Then my professor called (she had asked for my number earlier in the semester—weird, I know) to let me know that she was canceling class because she was sick too! Hurray! Sick Day! So my usually crazy Tuesday wasn't so crazy, and I had time to play with my movie maker program (one of my fav. hobbies). The boys helped me pick pictures and decide where to place them (they were out of school for teacher In-service), and are so excited about the finished product, they can't wait to tell their friends to check out their mom's blog. I got the song from Katie's playlist (thanks Katie!). Thanks also to everyone who has ever sent me pictures--they may end up in one of my video montages one day, so be careful what you send. I hope you have as much fun watching it as we had making it.


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Define Groovy...

The word “groovy” has come up many times in the last few days, and I just wanted to say how refreshing it is to be in the company of people who know what “groovy” means.

Webster’s Dictionary defines groovy as:

1. Very pleasant or very enjoyable; marvelous; wonderful; excellent; expressing strong approval, usually of enjoyable experiences. Example: “Last night’s episode of Highway to Heaven was groovy!”

2. Very chic, hip, trendy, with it. Example: “Groovy outfit!”

I don’t know the exact origin of the Morgan/Waite definition of the word "groovy," but I am now going to attempt to define it:

Groovy [groo-vee]

-adjective (also, groovier, grooviest, groovin’)

1. Very unpleasant or very un-enjoyable; appalling; calamitous; frightful; expressing strong disapproval, usually of un-enjoyable experiences. Example: “Last Night’s episode of Highway to Heaven was groovy!”

2. Outdated in style, appearance, sound, or speech. Lame, obsolete, defunct, mullet, lace-bib overlay, tapered jeans, Aqua net, blue mascara, ankle-high boots, etc. Example: “Groovy outfit!”

See, the examples in both definitions are the same. Therein lies the problem: both versions of "groovy" are used in the same context. People who don't understand the Morgan/Waite definition will get the wrong idea. For example, Anthony kept using the Morgan/Waite definition of groovy around his coworkers at CVS, who were only familiar with the Webster's definition. "Does my smock look groovy on me? I think they mistakenly gave me a women's cut." "Did you see the wedding pictures Susan brought in yesterday? That lacy bonnet thing she was wearing was totally groovy." "Dude, you're groovy." Anthony was a little embarrassed when he realized his coworkers only knew the Webster's definition of groovy. All along, he thought he had been pointing out things that were groovy, only to discover that, in doing so, he had become groovy.

While we are on the subject of groovy, I just bought this jacket at Target and Anthony said it’s groovy. He thinks it's the sleeves, that they look like they are LHOTP (Little House on the Prairie) sleeves. I can’t tell. Do you think my sleeves are groovy?

Press play button

Monday, November 12, 2007

Family Home Video Day: A Spiritual Craving

(Tip: Make sure your volume is turned up LOUD once the dialog starts. Pay particular attention to the end dialog)


  • This film was taken exactly 19 years ago, to the day
  • In the 80s, brown latticework, leaned against a brown fence, served as a sort of doily.
  • It can also be likened to a lace bib overlay on a dress, like this (copy/paste):
  • Erin never did let mom take a dirty video of her

  • She refuses to let anyone take dirty videos of her to this day
  • But the main reason she wouldn't turn around was because her bangs weren't done
  • Immediately after this film was shot, the girls went out for some frozen yogurt

  • To pay for her yogurt, Amy memorized Bible verse: Job 39:5

  • Erin memorized Bible verse: Playing for Keeps

  • Erin had no idea that her Bible verse was actually a fictional passage from the Readers Digest
  • Erin always kept a Reader's Digest and some potato chips in her scripture case, and faithfully brought it to church each Sunday, helping her Sunday school class earn a gold star for remembering their scriptures
  • 5 gold stars, and Sisters Yates would bring in homemade snicker doodles, Erin's favorite
  • Amy still has her Bible verse memorized
  • She continues to recite it at frozen yogurt places, in the hopes of getting free yogurt

  • She has yet to find a place that will accept Bible verse as currency.
  • Exactly 8 years after this film was shot (Nov. 12, 1996), Amy gave birth to a baby boy (Happy Birthday Bailey Jeffery Thurston!)
  • All this talk about frozen yogurt has given me a cravin’. I’m grabin' my Bible and headin' to the Golden Spoon!

Happy Birthday Bailey!!!

Happy Birthday Bailey! We miss you! Love, Cord and Gus

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Guess What Tommorrow Is!!!!

FHVD!!! (Also it's Bailey's BDay and Veteran's Day)
This video is just to get everybody pumped up!

Destiny's Mama

*Note: This is not my FHVD clip, that's on Mondays, remember

The response to the first Destiny’s Mama clip has been overwhelming, to say the least. The comments have numbered in the ones, so I have decided to post another clip. This one’s for the fan(s). If you have been living under a rock and don't know who Destiny's Mama is, see previous post called "Exclusive Vintage Video."

It’s a little tune called Toss Me a Bone. It illustrates the angst felt between a parent and child who live in different states (literarily or figuratively speaking). I wrote this for my parents at a time when they were having difficulty dealing with the fact that their favorite daughter (me) lived in another state (they still struggle with this). They wanted her (me) to move back to Boise with every fiber of their being.

I will quickly identify my favorite points in the video:

1) Francie’s Charles Ingalls' hair

2) Erin, struggling to keep-up with my erratic tempo

3) Francie’s close up

4) Destiny’s Mama screaming at Francie to move—totally against what Destiny’s Mama stands for

5) Destiny’s Mama incorporating the scream into the song

Without further ado, Destiny’s mama, performing Toss Me a Bone…


Destiny’s Mama was starting to feel the pressure. They had made take after take without achieving the level of perfection that performing for Oprah demands, and they finally snapped.

One member of Destiny’s Mama had this to say about the breakdown: “Frances had received another phone call from her dad, and… well, you’ll see what happens next…”


Friday, November 9, 2007

Family Home Video Day

After converting old analog home video into digital video for my parents’ anniversary, I have a plethora of old home video stored on my computer. I want to post video clips on my blog, but it takes forever to upload them (sometimes as long as 10 minutes). So, to solve this problem, I have decided to start Family Home Video Day. Every MONDAY I will post a home video clip from my extensive collection onto my blog, and I want to encourage all my blogging pal(s) to do the same. (I know you are about to comment that you don’t know how to post a video, but you have the whole weekend to figure it out.) Be warned: YOU may appear in one of my clips (I’m not asking permission, here). YOU may have groovy hair, or gigantic bangs, or be carrying some extra “baby weight,” or have pegged pants, or a squeaky pre-pubescent voice, or other side-effects of puberty, including but not limited to acne, but you’re gonna have to accept those things about yourself. Those of you who may be thinking, “she can’t possibly have video of me,” I will just say that I know people who know people.

I promise you the videos will be entertaining/funny/embarrassing. Everyone who sees them will laugh at/with you/me/us. I will also post Pop-up Video Fun Facts below the video. If you have any Pop-up Video Fun Facts to add about the video, you are welcome to post them in the comments.

Now you all have a reason to look forward to/dread Mondays!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Why Atticus is so Dang Cute...

On your left is a baby picture of me, and on your right is a picture of my nephew, Atticus Morgan. I was trying to figure out why he's so dang cute, and totally spacing-out on the obvious reason. He's the spittin' image of you-know-who!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Exculsive Vintage Video Clip...

You can't find this stuff anywhere else. This is an exclusive vintage video clip, circa 2002, of Erin and I performing a classic original song. Now, the reason we look so serious is because this was serious. It was a performance intended for Oprah. She asked that we perform for her, along with anybody else who wanted to send in a video. However, this video never reached Harpo Studios do to technical reasons, or not having enough stamps, or sucking, or something, and it has been lost in the archives... until now.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you, Destiny's Mama (that was the tentative name of our group) performing The Secret of Happiness.


Depending on how this video is received, more Destiny's Mama could appear on my blog later. CD drop dates, tour dates, etc, will also be posted on my blog. Keep checking back.

Fixed Video...

Thanks for pointing out that the "Strange Things" video didn't work, Amy! I fixed it.

Why I love the gap...

The AGE gap, I mean. Cord is seven years older than Homer and I thought that age gap would mean they would have little in common. I was so wrong. They have a blast together, and the best part is that he carries Homer around on his back everywhere we go. That leaves my arms free for hanging loosely at my sides. So relaxing. Sometimes I even swing them back and forth. (Katie will appreciate this the most.)

Oldy but Goody

Cord and Gus got a laugh out of the Dramatic Footage video and wanted me to post this video we made about a year ago entitled Strange Things. They say it's the most hilarious video ever. They can barely breathe when they watch it because they are laughing so hard. They especially want their Boise cousins to see it. (That baby wandering around the background is Homer. He sits on Gus's head at the end.)

Don't forget to pause that gorgeous music on the side bar before you press play


Monday, November 5, 2007

Stinky Box...

So I just found something funny at the bottom of my stinky box (see previous post): a big brown envelope of letters from the summer I spent in Las Vegas babysitting Hayley (summer before my Junior year of high school). I dumped it out (it was full of letters from friends and family that had written to me) and a whole bunch of teeny tiny screws fell out. I was trying to figure out what all these little screws were for, then I read a letter from my dad that was wrapped around the group of letters. It said: "...I'm sending you some small screws so you can fix your glasses..." Now I remember what I nerd I was. The tiny screw that held one lens in place had worked its way out of my glasses and I had been holding the lens in place with a piece of tape. I always had the cheapest piece of crap glasses!

(actual screws--the penny is just for reference)

One time, a guy took me up to Bogus Basin on a date to teach me how to snowboard. Of course I fell on my face a million times. I had these bulky wet gloves on, and I kept trying to wipe the snow and moister off my glasses with them, but no matter how much I wiped, I still couldn't see. When we got back in has car, I took off my glasses to wipe them off on my dry shirt. That's when I noticed that I only had one lens! I guess the other had been knocked out during a nasty fall. The guy I was with knew I had knocked out a lens, and had been too embarrassed to tell me--weirdo. I laughed all the way down the mountain.

Wouldn't it have been funny if I had realized my lens had fallen out, and had crawled around in the snow looking for it? Other skiers and snowboarders would stop on their way down the mountain and ask what I was looking for, and I would say "I lost my lens," and they would crawl around, helping me look for it, like a gigantic contact lens. We would never find it though, and then it would be awkward.

Why I'm so bad at this...

"From now on, I'm going to write in my [blog] everyday." This is the first line in all of my childhood journals (a rough total of ten). I would usually get a new journal every Christmas, and I would always open with the above line, followed by a list of what I got from "Santa," and then the rest of the pages are blank. So, I have a complete record of every Christmas present I ever got (86-fake Cabbage Patch Kid, 88-Guess Who board game, 91-generic roller blades, etc), but the rest of my childhood is a blur.

Last time I was up in Idaho, my dad gave me a box of old junk that belonged to me circa 1990s (I hate it when he does that!--Trust me, I took all the important stuff with me when I left.) The box stank like oldness (you know what I mean) and it was all gritty with dirt--gave me the willies. It contained mostly blank paper, but apparently it was my blank paper, and dad had been holding onto it for the last eleven years, waiting for the perfect time to present it to me.

Flipping through pages and pages of blank paper, I did manage to find a few rare treats. I came across one page with the word "Sexy" scrawled through it, in my big, sloppy cursive handwriting. On another page, I found the note: "on my 3rd of 11 days of keeping my room clean." 11 whole days in a row was an ambitious goal; I likely failed. On another page the words, "pine tree, van, trailer." Oh, how I wish I would have expanded on those thoughts! A few pages were filled with my signature--I was obviously transitioning to a different cursive "J"--and I noticed that this was before I learned how to spell my middle name because I signed my name "Jenny Lousie Morgan."

What's my point again? Oh yeah. If past behavior is the best indicator of future behavior, I will never be good at keeping a blog. But when I do blog something, you can bet it will be profound:

So don't write me off as a blogger just yet. Keep checking back, all ye loyal, friend.