Friday, April 13, 2007


We loved the gorilla exhibit! They act like humans; it's very interesting.

This was the cutest baby gorilla.

There were babies everywhere, since it was spring. I don't what this is (a yak, maybe?) but this baby ran along side his mom... so cute.

Lots of holes to stick your head into.

Gus, relaxing in Homer's stroller for a while.

Cord and Gus, trying to look like cool fish.

Homer won't look through the eye holes.

The boys had so much fun!


Cord and Gus got a new pet turtle. His name is Rappin' Tuck, because they swear they saw him doing a rap (edit: we discovered Rappin' Tuck is a girl, her name has been changed to Tina). *Note: this is not a picture of Rappin' Tuck... aka Tina. This is a very sad Gallopapos Tortoise that made me laugh. click on his picture in our post to see an enlarged photo (recommended).

April 13

We don't have a picture of all of us together.

April 13

My very first post! Please enjoy.